The Team

The Identity Architects' team is a diverse group of professionals with a wide range of credentials and includes a database of experts we work with on a daily basis. Our people understand that no one person has all the answers to the complex build environment.  At Identity Architects we have a "no doors” policy. We literally have no doors in our studio and all employees are encouraged to constructively engage in any conversation regardless of invitation, status, or expertise. Concise communications and our open culture designed to share knowledge are key to our ability to create, innovate and bridge gaps between the “Big Picture” and the “Details." 

2018 Christmas Party Lake Charles

2018 Christmas Party Lake Charles


David Kastendieck graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Houston in 1976. With a dedicated focus on the medical, retail and corporate arenas, David quickly gained recognition in Houston for his unique ability to restate a client’s needs into functional and economical solutions.

Keenon Rayner AIA graduated from Texas Tech University with a Masters of Architecture in 1999. In addition to his exemplary design skills and project management ability, Keenon is  recognized by commercial clients to have the ability to analyze market trends and collaborate on development opportunities. 

In 2003 David and Keenon solidified their successful partnership; today they proudly represent Identity Architects Inc, a firm dedicated to positive client experiences through a disciplined and engaging process with high quality results.

Dave Kastendieck and Keenon Rayner AIA

Dave Kastendieck and Keenon Rayner AIA


The firm's focus is largely in four arenas: Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare and Office.  RETAIL: Our goal is to create experiences that inspire repeat business, not just create a retail building. From site appropriate design to mixed use retail, our significant portfolio includes multiple building types, style and function and our experience includes ground up, renovation and tenant build-out. HOSPITALITY: From fine dining to fashionable on-the-go, our goal is to create a compelling atmosphere that contributes to customer loyalty, reinforces your brand identity and optimizes operations efficiency. HEALTHCARE: Our broad healthcare expertise spans medical offices, hospital renovation and neighborhood urgent / emergency care facilities and our goals include improving the patient's comfort and the client's business processes - contributing to the delivery of high quality healthcare. OFFICE: Whether corporate, medical, or professional service buildings, we begin by understanding your business, your project’s near and long-term goals, and the work processes and employees involved. With this information, we design spaces that reflect your culture, foster personnel productivity and deliver a healthy, enjoyable environment.


Identity Architects is located in the Historic District of Downtown Houston on the first floor of the 103 year old Bayou Lofts Building. This Historic Art Deco building was constructed in 1911 to house the Southern Pacific Railroad's regional office. We occupy a 6,000 square foot collaborative open studio environment, where our "no doors" policy provides unparalleled communication at all levels, allowing us to leverage each team member's unique talents. Life at Identity Architects is full of diversity and has a spirit of family. Each quarter the entire staff, including the principals and interns, venture outside together for social activities, team building, or enlightening adventures. 



Our everyday process is one in which we collaborate, communicate, and coordinate with the project team throughout the successive phases of design. The essential ingredient to our process is our ability to quickly and effectively determine the highest priority requirements during the initial programming, or schematic design, phase. This allows us to prioritize the client’s ideas, needs, technologies, material resources and standards seamlessly throughout the project. As a result, we leave behind well-designed buildings of inspiration, innovation and technology.


We believe that by encouraging our creative teams to embrace new ways of thinking along with tried and true problem solving, our designs are able to push the envelope and maximize the value of the buildings. Both research and innovation contribute to making the best planning and design decisions, building performance, and ultimately deliver positive experiences in and around the places we design.


Our goal is to deliver unparalleled customer service. Whether our client’s needs are centered on new construction or renovations, Identity Architects approach each project with the same assurance: a talented, high performance team will be ready to engage and create greater value through our critical thinking and collaborative style.