As important as your chef's creativity and staff's attentiveness, our restaurant and bar design expertise assures your customers are greeted to a great first impression and inspiring details. We pair your identity with a compelling environment to elevate the customer's dining experience.


Retail is an experience where the merchant wants to identify with the customer needs. The customer wants clear guidance on how and what the experience and style is intended to be. After careful study of design trends and industry experience, Identity Architects can create an inviting architectural experience that leaves everyone without question.


With a steady hand and a clear plan, we create healing environments with a clear identity and a focus on the needs of the patient. Identity Architects’ design services bring boutique style services to the industry. Our focus on details allows us to to  create unique patient care environments.  We provide architectural and interior design services for medical clinics, surgery centers, doctors' offices, hospitals,  laboratories, and imaging facilities.


Having an identity in business is something very few companies can succeed without. A workplace says a lot about a company what they represent. Corporate interiors and free standing facilities are a core focus of Identity Architects.